Facing Theft, Fraud And Financial Charges

Whether your case involves a small amount of money and/or property or involves a substantial amount of money and/or property, being charged with theft or fraud can have a significant and devastating impact on your life. These allegations must be taken seriously particularly if they involve situations of "breach of trust" i.e. stealing from an employer or in other situations where there may have been a trust relationship. This trust element greatly aggravates the possible sentence to be imposed upon a conviction. You could be sent to jail, receive a substantial fine,have a criminal record etc. all of which will have a substantial impact on your employment, reputation, ability to travel to the United States and, of course, your ability to earn a living.

Because of the real and life changing impact a conviction(s) could have on your life you need to have quality and strong defence representation. There is no question that the quality of the legal representation you have will make a big difference to the end result. Whether the case is winnable or otherwise defendable will depend on the strength or otherwise of the police investigation and the prosecutor's case against you. You need to have a lawyer look for the issues which may help win the case for you or, at the very least, obtain for you the best possible outcome in the circumstances. This will involve the lawyer carefully assessing the police disclosure (all the information you are constitutionally entitled to that the prosecution will use against you in a court of law) to determine whether or not the police will be in a position to prove the case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. Your defence lawyer will carefully scrutinize the evidence to determine whether or not any of your constitutional rights were violated (i.e. unlawful search or seizure, illegal obtaining of incriminating evidence against you, illegal obtaining of statements from you, whether each and every element of the offence necessary to secure a conviction can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt etc.). My experience in this area of the law will benefit you (my potential client) to obtain the best possible outcome in defending these type of charges which may include:

  • Complete dismissal of the charge(s) after a contested trial;
  • A withdrawal of the charge(s) or reduction of the charge(s) depending on the evidence;
  • Negotiation (from a legal/factual position of strength) for a lighter sentence - for example: not "real" jail but "house arrest" or "weekend sentences" to allow you to continue to work, go to school, take care of loved ones etc.;
  • Negotiation and possible reduction to probation or a discharge depending on the evidence and circumstances;
  • Entry into a diversion program with the final result that the charge(s) is withdrawn

Defence For The Entire Range Of Theft and/or Fraud Charges

I will represent and protect you through every step of the criminal justice system. I will defend you whatever the nature of the theft and/or fraud charge(s) you are facing at all levels, including:

  • Employee theft
  • Fraud against an employer
  • White collar crime and financial charges
  • Fraudulent bankruptcy
  • Breach of trust by a power of attorney
  • Retail shoplifting
  • Auto theft, property theft, etc.

Get Immediate Legal Help

My name is Joseph LoConte and my job as your defence lawyer is to help you win your case or obtain the best outcome possible.

As one of the region's longest practising criminal defence lawyers, I've spent over 30 years defending citizens throughout the Niagara Region and the surrounding areas. If you have been arrested on theft and/or fraud charges your next most important decision is choosing your defence lawyer. In choosing your defence lawyer ask yourself: Has he "won" many of these contested theft and/or fraud trials? Is he experienced? Is he knowledgeable? Is he committed to fully and vigorously defending me? You need to make the right decision to get the right lawyer. Call me for a free initial phone consultation at 289-271-9740 or email me through my online form to arrange a consultation.