Defending Against Robbery, Break & Enter And Weapons Charges

If you have been charged with robbery, breaking and entering, firearm, other weapons offence(s), or other such related offences, the situation you face is serious. Many are strictly indictable offences that come with mandatory minimum prison sentences. My name is Joseph LoConte and my job as your defence lawyer is to help you win your case or obtain the best possible result. I am one of the most experienced and successful criminal defence lawyers in the Niagara Region having spent over 30 years defending citizens against serious charges such as: robbery, break & enter, possession of firearms, use of firearms and/or weapons etc.. I can provide you with a strong and vigorous defence against any such charges.

Get 30 Years Of Criminal Defence Experience On Your Side

Defending against robbery charges, firearm charges and/or weapons charges etc. takes careful preparation. This would include, at a minimum, office consultations and obtaining and fully studying all the disclosure (the police evidence against you which you are constitutionally entitled to) with a view to preparing your legal defence. Often in robbery charges the only real defence is whether or not the prosecution can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused was, in fact, the perpetrator. I have successfully defended clients on allegations of robbery where the sole issue was identification and it is surprising, after 30 years of experience, how often the police make the same mistakes/misjudgments with respect to investigating, gathering evidence and charging for such crimes. It has been my experience that often there is only a circumstantial case as against the client but the police sometimes obtain incriminating statements from the client but, as a matter of law, such statements may not be admissible thereby significantlly diminishing the police/prosecution chances of a obtaining a guilty verdict against the client. Weapons charges often bring into play constitutional issues and the following questions may arise (either singularly or cumulatively): Did the police legally detain the client? Did the police lawfully arrest the client? Did the police lawfully search the client or his home, car, computer, cell phone etc.? Did the police, upon detention or arrest, thereafter immediately inform him of his right to counsel and did they take steps to allow access to counsel? Was the police investigation legally proper or did they use improper procedures to obtain evidence against the client?

These and many many other questions (obviously dependent on the fact situation and the police evidence as against you) need to be addressed and answered carefully. That will be my job. To defend you.

Defend Yourself, Know Your Rights, Know Your Chances

Do not risk talking to police or taking any steps if you suspect you are under investigation without first obtaining professional legal help. If you have been arrested on robbery/weapons/break & enter charges your next most important decision is choosing your defence lawyer. You need to get immediate legal advice to ensure that you are able to fully defend yourself. In choosing your defence lawyer ask yourself: Has he "won" many of these contested robbery/weapons/break & enter, trials? Is he experienced? Is he knowledgeable? Is he committed to fully and vigorously defending me? You need to make the right decision to get the right lawyer. Call me for a FREE initial phone consultation at 289-271-9740 or email me through my online form to arrange a consultation.