Defending and Protecting Your Rights On Drug Offence Charges

If you have been charged with a drug offence(s) for example: Possession or Possession for the purpose of trafficking in marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs, etc. and/or growing marijuana etc., you are now facing extremely serious consequences which often involve jail and/or forfeiture and seizure of your property - including your home, car and/or finances - and a criminal record. A drug conviction may bar you from entry into the United States. The federal prosecutors in this area are specialized. You need to have an experienced, strong and knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer who will fight to defend and protect you. I have that experience, knowledge and toughness necessary in order to mount a strong and often winnable defence on your behalf. In many drug prosecutions the case often turns on whether the accused person's constitutional rights were violated by the police and, if so, can one thereby "win the case". This means that your lawyer will have to carefully study the prosecution's case against you to determine whether at some critical point the police infringed your constitutional rights. For example: did the police unlawfully stop or detain you?; did the police search your person unlawfully?; did the police search your house, your car, your computer and/or your cell phone without proper legal authority?; did the police illegally detain or arrest you? (did not have the proper grounds); if you were detained and/or arrested did the police deny your right to immediately contact a lawyer or otherwise subject you to some other kind of unconstitutional treatment? If any of this happened (either singularly or cumulatively) then the evidence that the police want to use against you (drugs, property, weapons, etc.) could be thrown out and your charge(s) dismissed. This is but one way that the Courts try to "police the police", to ensure that they uphold the constitution and not trample on it.

When you turn to me for help, my job will be to carefully study the police case against you, to determine whether your constitutional rights were violated and, if so, then prepare the constitutional defence plan and launch the attack. This is in addition to any other issues which may be available for your defence. For example, is the police evidence reliable? Were the police "drug sources" reliable and trustworthy? Was the information provided to the Justice in order to obtain a search warrant sufficient to constitute "reasonable grounds"? Is the accused's incriminating statement admissible either on constitutional grounds or by way of existing law? Is the identification of the alleged parties involved provable beyond a reasonable doubt etc.? This careful examination of all the evidence is done with the goal of creating a legal plan to defend you on a full range of possible drug charges, such as:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Production or sale of banned substances
  • Importing drugs

My name is Joseph LoConte and my job as your defence lawyer is to help you win your case or obtain the best outcome possible.

As one of the region's longest practising criminal defence lawyers, I've spent over 30 years defending citizens throughout the Niagara Region and the surrounding areas fight such drug charges. If you have been arrested on drug charges your next most important decision is choosing your defence lawyer. You need to get immediate legal advice to ensure that you are able to fully defend yourself. In choosing your defence lawyer ask yourself: Has he "won" many of these contested Drug trials? Is he experienced? Is he knowledgeable? Is he committed to fully and vigorously defending me? You need to make the right decision to get the right lawyer. Call me for a free initial phone consultation at 289-271-9740 or email me through my online form to arrange a consultation.