Defending Domestic Assault And Serious Assaults

Being charged with an assault, domestic or otherwise, is serious. If convicted, you risk significant long-term penalties and consequences - imprisonment, a lifelong criminal record, possible civil consequences - be they family law related or for damages in a civil court and more. My name is Joseph LoConte. As one of the Niagara Regions most experienced and successful criminal defence lawyers, my job, as your defence lawyer, will be to help you win your case or obtain the best possible outcome. I can defend you on charges such as: domestic assault; attempted murder; aggravated assault; assault causing bodily harm; assault with a weapon. I can immediately step in to help secure your release on bail and/or defend you in court.

Domestic Violence — Up Against A Zero-Tolerance Policy

Ontario has a strict, no-tolerance policy against accusations of domestic assault. In the last decade or so, in the vast majority of domestic assault accusations, the police will lay a charge(s) and thereafter proceed so as to force the accused citizen to attend in court for a bail hearing. While previously the police would release a person from the police station on terms and conditions, they now routinely insist that the person be brought before a bail court - usually the next day after suffering the night(s) in jail - to determine whether or not he/she ought to be released pending the outcome of the charge(s). Unless the client has access to a knowledgeable defence lawyer he/she may languish in jail until they are released or he/she may end up being convicted of an offence even though a skillful defence lawyer could have avoided a finding of guilt and avoided the negative long term consequences that such a conviction will have on the client. Many of these domestic assault charges are fully defendable but that assessment can only be made after the lawyer has obtained and fully studied the prosecution case as against the client. The client has a constitutional right to obtain the full information/disclosure to be presented against him/her by the prosecution/police before he/she decides, in consultation with his/her counsel, as to what to do. It is the job of the defence lawyer to vigorously represent his client, win the case or at the very least secure the best possible outcome in the circumstances.

Know your chances, protect your rights, defend yourself.

Get Professional Help To Face Serious Assault Charges

With over 30 years of criminal defence experience, I know what's necessary to defend serious criminal charge(s) such as:

  • aggravated assault,
  • assault causing bodily harm,
  • assault with a weapon,
  • attempted murder,
  • domestic assault, etc.

Many of these charges are defendable but require full preparation and planning. As your defence lawyer, I will:

  • Obtain all the police evidence as against you and thereafter review it with you and study it from the defence point of view
  • Determine if any of your constitutional or other rights have been violated by the police and how that can benefit you
  • If the matter goes by way of a contested trial and you need to give evidence then you shall be prepared to give evidence in a credible, reasonable and acceptable manner with a view to raising a reasonable doubt as to the allegation and secure a not guilty result.

Don't Wait. Get A FREE Phone Consultation.

Do not risk talking to police or taking any steps if you suspect you are under investigation without first obtaining professional legal help. If you have been arrested on assault and/or assault related charges your next most important decision is choosing your defence lawyer. You need to get immediate legal advice to ensure that you are able to fully defend yourself. In choosing your defence lawyer ask yourself: Has he "won" many of these contested assault trials? Is he experienced? Is he knowledgeable? Is he committed to fully and vigorously defending me? You need to make the right decision to get the right lawyer. Call me for a FREE initial phone consultation at 289-271-9740 or email me through my online form to arrange a consultation.