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Welcome to my site. My name is Joseph LoConte and I'm one of the Niagara region's most experienced criminal defence lawyers. For over 30 years, I've helped many, many clients to successfully defend criminal charges in the Niagara Region and throughout Ontario.

My life's work has been about fighting on behalf of those who are in need of a defence lawyer who will do his best to help the client WIN THE CASE or, at the very least, ensure the best possible result to allow the client to go on with their life.

My Goal: To Help the Client Win Their Case; To Protect the Clients' Rights And Interests

All of my clients have a lot at stake - that is why they come to me. Each one faces the threat of a conviction and a lifelong criminal record. For them, conviction could mean severe loss - loss of employment, career aspirations, professional reputation, work licences, driving privileges and, often, with the threat of jail - their very freedom.

My goal is to intervene and present the strongest defence possible against the charge(s) and win my client's case - or, at the very least, to minimize the "damage" to my client's life and future.

Tough Legal Defence

After 30 years of vigorously defending client's in the courtroom and my proven track record of results at both the Superior Court level (both with judges and juries) and the Ontario Court of Justice level my position to clients is simple: DO NOT PLEAD GUILTY - LET ME FIRST REVIEW AND ASSESS YOUR CASE. You need to make an informed decision. You need to know what defences are available. You need to know what your best options are.

A successful criminal defence never happens by chance. It comes as a result of thorough legal preparation. With prosecutors I take a tough, fiercely strategic approach. With my clients, I offer them respect,genuine concern and full effort. I understand what clients are going through and I work my hardest to achieve the best outcome possible.

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